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Our Legacy

Bishop Charles H. Brewer, III

Bishop Charles H. Brewer, III is an ordained Elder in the Church of God In Christ, Inc. (“COGIC”); Pastor of both The New Trinity  Temple COGIC located at 285 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven, CT and Wilson Memorial COGIC located at 164 Richmond Hill Avenue, Stamford, CT; Executive Board Member of the International COGIC Men's Department; Interim President of the Northeast Regional Men's Department; and Board Member of the Science Park Development Corporation of New Haven, CT. In past years Bishop Charles H. Brewer, III  has served as the President of the Joshua Generation Clergy Association; Northeast Regional Vice President of the International Youth Department COGIC; Chairman of the Auxiliaries in Ministries (AIM) for First Jurisdiction of Connecticut Diocese COGIC Member of the Finance Committee for First Jurisdiction of Connecticut Diocese COGIC; Administrative Assistant for First Jurisdiction of Connecticut Diocese COGIC and Superintendent of the  Joshua District.



Bishop Brewer was born in New Haven, Connecticut.  Bishop Brewer is the devoted son of the late Bishop Charles H. Brewer, Jr. and Lady S. Frances Brewer.  He attended Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA and Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.  Bishop Brewer is currently enrolled at Liberty University pursuing a degree in Pastoral Care/Biblical Studies.


Bishop has been revered as one of the most influential young gospel preachers in the Tri-State area of CT, NY and NJ. He is articulate, eloquent in speech and draws people to him.  Bishop Brewer uses his prowess to encourage, motivate and mobilize people. Consistency of growth and development in leadership and church membership is noted and is quite evident in Bishop Brewer’s ministry.  Humble, though he may be, he is never vaunt nor boastful of his accolades.   It is with spiritual favor and intellectual rigor and drive that he continues to prosper and succeed.  With certainty, the core of his ministry can be seen in Sunday morning service, during the weekday service, and in every community and outreach initiative.


Bishop Brewer organizes initiatives that are mending and building the relationship between the Church and the community. One of Bishop Brewer’s most successful endeavors was the monthly youth exhibition, well known to the community at large, “The First Friday Service”. It showcased the ministries of gifted, talented and anointed young people from the surrounding cities Bishop Brewer and his team celebrated five years in 2012; it was the longest running with the greatest number of attendees (nearly 450 young adults every month).  As Pastor was elevated to the Chairman of the First Jurisdiction of Connecticut Auxiliaries in Ministries (“AIM”), Bishop Brewer now brings powerful and seasoned ministries to the community through the Annual AIM Conference held in August of the caliber of the Word Network. In 2011, Bishop Brewer commenced “Feed The Need”.  An endeavor initially to provide a home cooked meal to the homeless now provides local shelter residents with a “Sunday After Church” dinner experience the third Saturday of each month with over 100 souls encouraged each month.


Through specialized outreach programs, Bishop Brewer’s mission is to minister to the spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of individuals living in the community, in crisis or in transition.  Examples of the community outreach are providing employment contacts, educational programs, family service initiatives and enrichment programs to help those impoverished and rehabilitated. Assisting individuals to develop and eventually master the skills necessary to recognize and realize their capabilities. It is through the pursuit and facilitation of purposeful and relevant programs that Elder Brewer connects with individuals to achieve goals.


Bishop Brewer is no stranger to adversity.  It was through God’s mercy, support from family, as well as prayers of the saints, that he pulled himself out from a life of depravity.  Since the reshaping and reaffirmation of Charles Brewer's life and spirituality there is a renewed sense of self and purpose. His testimony is real, with real situations and with an authentic and practical message for people of every walk of life.  He is an advocate for the oppressed and disadvantaged individual.  His personal experience has altered his perspective of himself and broadened his awareness to the needs of the church and the local community.  His compassion and concern has broadened to capture major issues that we face on a global level.


Bishop Charles Brewer has long recognized the crucial role and influence that religious organizations and religious clerics hold in the structure of society and it is his resolution to galvanize the church and community to action.


Many would consider Bishop Brewer a learned philanthropist. Pastor Brewer has proved that with God, and through persistence and commitment, one can attain all that one desires, no matter the magnitude.  Life will be profoundly impacted by his humaneness, grace and will. Bishop Brewer is a successful entrepreneur in business and real estate. Bishop Brewer’s portfolio includes sole proprietorship of Exclusive Hair Design located in Greater New Haven.


Now it is the commission of his son to carry on where his father had necessarily left off. In 2020, Bishop Brewer was elevated to the office of Jurisdictional Bishop of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Connecticut. Bishop Charles H. Brewer, III. now stands in the shoes of a man that had become a living legend throughout the length and breadth of the United States.  His father, the Late Bishop Charles H, Brewer, Jr had unquestionably written his name in the history of this great church in a manner that will not allow for it to be erased. 


The eyes of the nation will be on you now Bishop.  The weight of the Diocese is on your shoulders.  The prayers of the Saints will follow you. And may the Grace of God go with you.  Congratulations and God continue his Blessings upon You.

Bishop Charles Henry Brewer, III
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