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Our Legacy

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Bishop Charles H. Brewer Jr.

At a very early age, Charles Henry Brewer, Jr. began what was to be a prosperous and eventful life.  Born to Elder and Sister Charles Henry Brewer, Sr., Charles quickly convinced those who watched him grow up that he was destined for the ministry.


When he was two years of age, his father was told that he would one day be a minister.  In the meantime, Charles led an active church-oriented life, while growing up in New Haven.  At the startling age of fourteen, God made known to him a commission of the ministry, making him one of the youngest Church of God In Christ ministers ever called in the State of Connecticut.  Brewer got his start as a child in the Church of God in Christ under the tutelage and leadership of his late father, Bishop Charles Brewer, Sr. As his father labored in the work of the Lord there in the Wilson Memorial Church of God in Christ, a young Charles Brewer Jr. was indelibly imprinted with the teaching of the way of holiness that is such an integral part of the culture and history of our church


When then Minister Charles Brewer Jr. was introduced to the national church, traveling to Holy Convocation at the age of 18, he was energized to work with an even greater commitment to the life and ministry of the Church of God in Christ. During his college years, Brewer got an early start working with the finance committee of the Youth Congress, and had a wonderful experience seeing his sister receive Christ as her personal Savior and receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost one night in the midnight musical. Though Elder Brewer had many different avenues and opportunities, including having received offers of football scholarships due to his skill in the sport, once he accepted the call to ministry, his father and Overseer, Bishop Charles Brewer Sr., impressed upon him that he should not get distracted with other areas of life, but that his commitment to ministry was the most important priority in his life.



This calling, however, did not interfere with his determination to educate himself, as he successfully completed his secondary education at Hillhouse High School, earned a Bachelor of

Arts degree in education from Curry College, earned a Master oo Science degree in Urban Studies from Southern Connecticut State University and earned further Certification in Theology from the Charles H. Mason Bible Institute.


In a few short years since the completion of his formal education and the conferring of his several degrees, God has seen fit to heap numerus blessings upon him.  However, with the many blessings have one and equal number of responsibilities, the depth and intensity of the matters left in his charge has escalated at an almost incomprehensible rate.  His life has been flooded with a sufficient number of boards, committees, appointments and commissions to defy the level of human endurance of most mortal men.  But, like the leader he was born to be, he has taken it all in stride, with masterful efficiency, towering dignity and utter Godliness.


In his years of life, Charles has served as the Youth Leader for the State of Connecticut Youth Department, COGIC; served as the Executive Secretary for the International Youth Department, COGIC; served as International Youth Department President, appointed by Bishop JO Patterson.  Served as the First Vice President of the International Youth Department, COGIC, He also served as a member of the Executive Committee of COGIC UNAC.  He served as Executive Administrative Assistant to the late Charles Henry Brewer Sr. in the First Jurisdiction COGIC State of Connecticut.  He received


the National Methodist Churchman’s Award from the United African Methodist Episcopal Church.  He also served as the Director of Chairman Education for the Church of God In Christ; served as member of the Board of Directors of the Opportunities Industrialization Center of New Haven;  served as a member of the Board of Directors of the South Central Connecticut Criminal Justice Supervisory Board; served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Macedonia Restraining Center; served as a member of the Black Coalition, New Haven; served as a member of the Dixwell Ministerial Alliance; served as a member of the New Haven United Clergy Union; was elected Tax Collector for the City of New Haven; has been a member of the Organization of Black Elected Officials;  has served as Director of human Services for the City of New Haven;  and has formally served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Community Progress, Incorporate the nation’s first anti-poverty agency.  And a member of the New Haven Clergy Association. 


While serving as the sixth appointed President of the Youth Department in succession, Bishop Charles Henry Brewer, Jr.  brought a broad-based vision for youth ministry to the forefront and is credited with being the pioneer of such critical aspects of ministry that have now become staples of the overall thrust of youth ministry in our great church. Bishop Charles H. Brewer is also to be commended for his inclusive administrative structure, utilizing the Youth Department as the springboard, training ground and stepping stone for many notable leaders of our church, who got their first significant national opportunities under this tremendous visionary.


In his early work in the national Youth Department, Brewer got acquainted with many notable persons who were also key workers during that era, including the late Bishop Davenport (then State Youth President of North Carolina), Dr. Rimson (then State Youth President of Southwest Michigan), Elder C. Wilbur Daniels Sr. (then State Youth President of Eastern New York) and so many others. Through his commitment and dedication, Brewer came to the attention of then


National Youth President, Elder O.T. Jones Jr., who gave him opportunities to begin teaching and directing the training seminars and workshops in the national youth congress. As Brewer got more involved in the internal workings of the department, as he functioned well in one area, President Jones Jr. would give him more responsibilities and shift him to other areas. Elder Charles Brewer Jr. even had a 6-month stint as the writer of the national YPWW topics. When Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr. established a Provisional Board structure for the youth department, Brewer was appointed to that board and was one of the early pioneers of “regional rally” type fellowships, as he oversaw a territory including the New England area and New York. He worked on this board with other notables including then Elder Gilbert Earl Patterson.


Recognized for his faithful service, commitment to excellence and dedication to the church, Pastor Charles H. Brewer Jr. was given the opportunity to serve the church as National Youth Department President in 1986. After his appointment, President Brewer had his first Youth Congress at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Chicago, Illinois, which turned into one of the largest youth conventions the Church of God in Christ had seen in its history. He went on to lead the Youth Department in several successful conventions, even under the unified UNAC structure, and he was also instrumental serving as Director of Education and as an Executive Committee member for UNAC.


After the final illness and home going of his father, Bishop Charles H. Brewer Sr., Brewer went on to receive his appointment as the Jurisdictional Prelate of First Jurisdiction of Connecticut. As he transitioned the work of the Jurisdiction at home, he continued to enjoy unprecedented success at the national youth department level. He brought to the forefront a broad-based vision for youth ministry and pioneered such things as “Children’s Church” during the national Youth and UNAC meetings. Many notable personalities got a start and were trained in an expansive vision of youth ministry, including then Elder (now Bishop) J. Drew Sheard, who served as Executive Secretary of the Department under Bishop Brewer, Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers, who was put over the Teen Ministry under Bishop Brewer and the then Elder (now Bishop) Brandon B. Porter who worked with the Children’s Church ministry.


With all of his service during the years, including the many pitfalls, disappointments and trials of leadership, Bishop Charles Brewer Jr. has maintained a steadfast love for God, and a committed heart for the work of the Church of God in Christ. He continues to serve God’s people and the church to this day, with an unwavering commitment to excellence in ministry and no compromise of the standards of holiness that are his foundation.


Bishop Charles Henry Brewer Jr. has served as an example of what it means to be a clergyman, theologian, educator and statesmen for the last 75 years. We are eternally grateful to God for our trailblazing pioneer who has been a leader who believed in building up the next generation of leaders. On January 25, 2017 Bishop Brewer took his final rest and heard those sacred words “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”. For Bishop Charles Henry Brewer Jr. always preached dying is not so bad, but dying unprepared is a tragedy.

Bishop Charles Henry Brewer, Jr.
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