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Our History

Copy of Church Pastor Car Sticker Templa

In January 1947, Rev. Charles Henry Brewer, Sr. arrived from Springfield, MA, with his lovely wife and two darling children, Patricia and Charles, Jr.  He pastored at the mission for nine months, then he said “We cannot stay here.  We must move ahead!”.

Elder Brewer, Sr. went downtown to the Chamber of Commerce and requested an endorsement to solicit funds to purchase a new building to worship in.  He took the members daily and solicited funds, the Lord blessed in a special way.  The membership was small, but we are grateful for a few that are still with us today.

Many hearts were turned to God during the effective ministry of Rev. Brewer and the following year, 1948, God made it possible through him to purchase a Jewish Synagogue at 132 Foote Street.  We felt we had been highly favored by God to have steam heat and many other facilities.  In the same year we marched from the mission on Ashmun Street to Foote Street with only a few people, when we arrived at the church, Elder C.H. Brewer, Sr. stood on the steps and prayed.  God blessed the church and added more members.  Before Elder Brewer, Sr. left Ashmun Street he named the church “The Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ”.

Rev. Brewer was ordained State Overseer of the Connecticut Churches of God In Christ and in 1954 became Bishop of the Connecticut Diocese.  Progress had also been outstanding as evidenced by his leadership in the Dixwell Community and his participation in civic, political, and social activities throughout the city.

In 1963, the Trinity Temple Church at Foote Street was purchased by the city of New Haven to build a new school, Helen Grant School.  Bishop Brewer, Sr. had a dream to build the Lord a house.  He purchased the property at the corner of Dixwell Avenue and Henry Street.  Bishop Brewer, Sr. was blessed to see his dream come true with dedicated church members.  On December 5, 1965, God blessed us with a new Trinity Temple Church at 285 Dixwell Avenue.

Bishop Charles Henry Brewer, Sr. pastored Trinity Temple for 26 years; Through his ministry the church membership flourished, and many individuals were brought to Christ.   In 1971, he appointed his son, Elder Charles H. Brewer, Jr., as Associate Pastor of the Trinity Temple Church. The Lord blessed Elder Brewer, Jr.’s ministry and many young men and women were saved, which led to the appointment of Elder Brewer as Pastor by his father Bishop Brewer Sr. during his illness.  As Bishop Brewer, Sr.’s illness progressed his desire was to see his son succeed him as Bishop and in March 1976 his son was appointed Bishop of the First Jurisdiction of Connecticut. Two weeks later Bishop Charles Henry Brewer, Sr. passed in March of 1976 and his Celebration of Life and Home Going service was held Friday, March 26, 1976.

Bishop Charles H. Brewer, Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps, embraced His purpose and vision and became the Leader of the Trinity Temple Church of God In Christ, Inc and Connecticut First Jurisdiction.  The Lord used Bishop Brewer, Jr. to be a mentor and leader of the young and the old. He has dedicated his professional and personal life to ensuring that the church’s values and vision continue to bolster our community, and give it strength and enduring hope, in these troubled times.  Becoming one of the greatest and most impactful leaders in the Church of God in Christ at a very young age, Bishop Brewer Jr. was the youngest Man to ever be elevated to the Office of Bishop in the Church of God in Christ making him a trendsetter.

Bishop Brewer Jr. served as an example of Education, Power and Ministry. And now this long and fruitful legacy of these two great men continues with the 3rd Generation!  In 2006 He consecrated his son Charles Brewer III as a Minister in the Church of God In Christ. After mentoring and providing his son with the ministerial skills to be an impactful leader Bishop Brewer Jr. elevated his son to the office of Elder and Pastor in 2007. In 2018 at the tender age of forty six, Pastor Brewer III picked up the mantle that had been passed from his grandfather to his father and now to him becoming Bishop Charles H. Brewer III Pastor, The "New" Trinity Temple COGIC & Wilson Memorial COGIC,  Executive Board Member of  The International  COGIC Men's Dept., Northeast Interim Regional Men's Dept. President, Northeast Youth Dept. Regional Advisor, COGIC. In 2020, Bishop Brewer was elevated to the office of Jurisdictional Bishop for the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Connecticut. Bishop Brewer, III also understands the importance of community outreach as his generational mentors did.   We have no doubt that the New Trinity Temple COGIC will continue to be a pillar in the community and example of excellence and holiness throughout the Church of God in Christ and our Community.

Praying today and always for the physical and spiritual strength of our Pastor and Leader, Bishop Brewer, III and for continued growth and progress of the Trinity Temple Church, through Christ our Savior.

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